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Vice President of the Management Board of PRESS GLASS S.A. Tomasz Wozowicz has issued a statement regarding the impact of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) on the group's activities.

Information from official sources on the epidemiological situation and the re-opening of further economy sectors in Europe, allow for cautious optimism regarding the condition of the construction industry in the upcoming months. The level of incoming orders is stable and slowly rising. All supplies of raw materials are carried out as planned. Companies providing transport services ensure the availability of means of transport covering our needs. It allows us to predict that in the next few weeks our deliveries will be carried out on standard dates.

In the last two months we have introduced several changes in our production facilities regarding sanitary requirements and work organization. These actions were done with a view to the current and future situation of our customers throughout Europe as well as employees and suppliers. During this time, no serious incidents of immediate health hazards or production interruptions occurred on the premises of the plants. 

I believe that thanks to all introduced procedures, we were able to fulfill our obligations towards clients in the best possible in these times way, confirming that we are a stable and responsible business partner. At the same time, we are open to receive feedback that will allow us to improve our actions in the event of similar situations in the future. 

At the same time, we are aware that the situation related to COVID-19 is still not completely stabilized, therefore, in addition to meeting the requirements imposed by government regulations, according to which all production plants of Press Glass S.A. still operate in a mode adapted to increased sanitary requirements, we enable our employees remote or rotational work where possible. 

We also emphasize that all activities of Press Glass S.A. are directed to maintain readiness for the production in the full range of possibilities to ensure customers a stable return to their full production capacity and future development. We are ready to provide our existing customers and other companies additional temporary support in the event of disruptions related to the availability of processed glass products on the market. 

Tomasz Wozowicz, Vice President of the Management Board of PRESS GLASS S.A. 

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