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zoomiconThe topics of zero barrier or accessibility and comfort often go hand in hand in practice. This is reflected at Roto in the corresponding system solutions.

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The topics of zero barrier or accessibility and comfort often go hand in hand in practice. This is reflected at Roto in the corresponding system solutions.

Zero barrier, accessibility and comfort are topics shaping the current and future development of the window and door industry, and not only when they are considered separately. In particular, intelligent, demand-based practical solutions often mean that the positive effects of each are combined and therefore enhance each other. 

According to its own statements, Roto lets itself be guided by this principle – and counts on varied system ranges, among other things. These are the result of efficient hardware and threshold developments. The manufacturer documents this using some examples.

„Zero barrier” segment: four single components come together to form a system tailored to the market for timber and PVC Turn-Only and Tilt&Turn sashes. The quartet consists of the “Eifel TB” thermally broken threshold, the “Texel” patented automatic floor door gasket with gasket pressure regulation, the Design weather profile strip and a Deventer universal gasket. The sash is tilted using a laterally installed tilt striker. In accordance with testing to DIN EN 1027 / 12208, Class 7A, corresponding to DIN EN 1026 / 12207 (Class 3), the solution proved to be resistant to driving rain and draughts.

Components from the „Roto NX” hardware product range also make zero barrier thresholds a good alternative in terms of the security they offer. Compatible strikers and modified push-back safeguarded hooks ensure burglary inhibition for balcony doors at RC 2 level.

A balcony door just 20 mm in height, which is therefore accessible, without any visible pivot rests and stay bearings offers the same level of protection. The concealed „NT Designo” hinge side, equipped with load transfer of 150 kg per sash, and the „Eifel TB” threshold form an aesthetic and functional unit.

Effortless handling and principle of protection

The producer is also launching two exemplary solutions in the separate field of operating convenience and living comfort. For instance, the “NX” comfort window makes it easier to open and close hard-to-reach elements, such as those behind kitchen units, thanks to integrated forced control and a special handle. The handle with extended lever is fitted horizontally at the bottom of the sash frame. This makes it possible for older people or people with limited mobility to use windows easily without the need for assistance.

The „TiltFirst” hardware technology, which can be used with all frame materials, is designed to protect children in particular. It is based on the principle of „tilt before turn” as, when the handle is horizontal, the window only opens in tilt mode. For the sash to be opened fully, it needs to be unlocked using a key. The intelligent system guarantees safe ventilation for users, not only in children’s rooms, nurseries and schools, but also prevents windows being opened inadvertently to the turn position in public buildings, hospitals and hotels.

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