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zoomiconAs of 1st of July 2020, new member of the Executive Boards of RENOLIT SE: Thomas Sampers.


As of 1st of July 2020, new member of the Executive Boards of RENOLIT SE: Thomas Sampers.

Thomas Sampers succeeds Dr. Axel Bruder
RENOLIT is now organized in 13 Market Units

The Supervisory Board has appointed Thomas Sampers (56) to the Executive Board of RENOLIT SE with effect from July 1st, 2020. Sampers, who holds a degree in business administration, succeeds Dr. Axel Bruder, who had been a member of the Executive Board since 2005. Dr. Bruder will retire at his own request at the same time after reaching retirement age. After leaving the Executive Board, he will continue to support the company as a consultant.

Thomas Sampers has been working for the RENOLIT Group since 2017 and was previously head of the Market Unit Healthcare (formerly RENOLIT MEDICAL). As a member of the Executive Board, he will be responsible for the Market Unit Healthcare with its international production sites in Commerce (USA), Valparaíso (Chile), Enkhuizen (Netherlands), Thansau (Germany) and Beijing (China) as well as for the central Corporate Unit Supply Chain.

In addition to the personnel changes in the Executive Board, which began last year and are now being completed, there are also changes in the organizational structure of the RENOLIT Group: The company is now organized in 13 Market Units. The changed organizational structure is based on the new corporate strategy. This was drawn up with the aim of making the company even more goal-oriented by 2025. The new strategy provides answers to questions such as: Where does RENOLIT aim to be in five years’ time? What trends will shape the future of the company? What measures need to be taken now to secure the continued success of the company? 

In the future, the RENOLIT Group will position itself even more clearly as an innovative family business that sets standards in various industries with its plastic film solutions and related products. "With the new strategy, we have directed the market perspective towards RENOLIT. As a result, we have adjusted our Market Units to be able to exploit growth opportunities more quickly and innovatively", explains Chief Executive Officer Michael Kundel.

In order to be able to act in an even more focused manner, RENOLIT has bundled its expertise in various product and development fields and at the same time separated areas. "The individual market segments have become increasingly complex, while driving innovative new product developments in related markets. The realignment enables us to serve our markets in a more targeted manner, respond even better to specific customer conditions and at the same time create more transparency for new, promising market segments", says Michael Kundel, describing the background to the new organizational structure that became effective in early May 2020.

The RENOLIT Group is divided into the following Market Units: Exterior Solutions, Visual Communication, Interior Surfaces, Roofcare, Pool, Protect, Composites, Healthcare, Facade, Wind Energy, Civil Engineering, Maritime and B2C.

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