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Sparklike Online

For double and triple glazed insulating glass units
with coatings and lamination

Sparklike Lasers™ product line measures the insulating gas concentration on triple and double glazed units. Measurement can be done also through coatings and laminated glasses and cavities are measured individually. All Sparklike Laser devices are developed and made in Finland.

Sparklike Lasers™ product line is based on laser technology (TDLAS). The devices measure oxygen, and the results are converted to argon, krypton and other insulating gases. 

Sparklike online™

Sharing the measuring technology of the Sparklike Lasers™ product family, Sparklike Online enhance the quality control to the new level. Insulating glass units are measured automatically after the gas press and all the results are recorded to its memory and are possible to be sent back to the IG-line or its ERP-system.

Benefits of non-destructive measurement by sparklike online™

» All glasses measured – concluding the online quality control in IG-line

» Measurement included to quality report – traceability

» Optimization of the gas press – savings with time and gas;

» Further control of the gas press – better fill with different IGU sizes and length/ width ratios

» No other quality control needed – savings with labour and check-samples and no human errors either

» Sales argument with IG-sales

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