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zoomiconRenson renews its participation at the R+T 2021 trade show

Renson renews its participation at the R+T 2021 trade show

Renson renews its participation at the R+T 2021 trade show, but this time... it will be going digital! The exhibition will take place from 22 to 25 February 2021, and the company will show the Renson Aero® Skye 2.0!

» Discover the Renson Aero® Skye 2.0

Want to incorporate a bladed roof into an existing roof above a patio, so it integrates seamlessly with your home? The Renson Aero® Skye 2.0 makes it easy! The adjustable blades ensure you can spend time outside in the best possible conditions all year round. And there's more: the Aero® Skye 2.0 roof blades also slide fully open. So indoors and outdoors are more similar than ever before.

» Fixscreen® Minimal

Impossible to combine minimalist windows with sun protection fabric? Or so you thought! Even when used on the narrowest of window profiles, Renson Fixscreen® Minimal blocks out the sun at the most efficient place: the external glass surface. Whether the window is recessed or mounted, Fixscreen® Minimal fully blends in so that your sun protection is barely noticeable. More info

» Linarte®

Linarte® guarantees durability, colorfastness and ease of maintenance. But of course, you want a facade that exudes your taste and personality in the first instance. And this is entirely possible: you choose between two profiles – Linarte® Even or Block - and determine the RAL color. Whether you want a classic, modern or contemporary result, Renson Linarte® will guarantee the 'facade'. More info.

» Are you interested?

Interested in our "Renson, Outdoor, NOA and Sunprotection story"? Follow their conference live 22nd February, from 9h30 - 10h30 (CET). This conference will be hosted by Els Vandaele & Stefan Moriau.

» Get your free e-ticket

Please order your free e-ticket with the following code: RTRENSONH0121

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