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zoomiconFAKRO at the European Economic Congress in Katowice

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FAKRO at the European Economic Congress in Katowice

Paweł Dziekoński, vice-president of FAKRO, represented the company during the 15th European Economic Congress in Katowice. The event took place on April 24-26 this year.

The program of the 15th European Economic Congress did not lack current trends and tendencies changing the economy, shaping its prospects in a changing geopolitical and macroeconomic environment.

The participants of the Congress discussed the competitiveness and resilience of the European economy and the transformation of the energy sector, in which the issue of independence from imported fuels and raw materials has recently gained considerable importance.

Paweł Dziekoński participated in two panels: The construction sector and the Reconstruction of Ukraine and Green Technologies in the Construction Sector. His participation in the above panels is not accidental. FAKRO was actively involved in helping Ukraine through the organization of numerous humanitarian transports and accommodation for Ukrainians.

One of the main pillars is also the implementation of the GO GREEN strategy, which is associated with a vast marketing campaign of the GREENVIEW windows. 

FAKRO has green DNA. The company focuses on ecological construction, i.e. one that allows to optimalise the use of heat and energy. Our windows meet stringent standards in terms of thermal transmittance coefficients, and at the same time, the company emphasizes appropriate acoustics – commented Paweł Dziekoński.

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